ROTC - Central Baptist College


Central Baptist College has partnered with the Bayonet Battalion of UCA to offer ROTC to our students. CBC students choosing to participate in ROTC will remain enrolled with CBC and receive all the benefits of the US ARMY ROTC program. Upon graduation from CBC and successful completion of the ROTC program students will have the opportunity to serve as an officer in the US Army, Army National Guard or US Army Reserves.

The ROTC program is an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills while attending college at CBC. The program offers 2-3 or 3-5 year scholarships that pay all tuition and fees or room and board along with $1,200 per year for books. Minuteman Scholarships are also available for National Guard and US Army Reserves members. Contracted Cadets receive monthly tax-free stipends of up to $500 for living expenses. Tyree Avery was selected for a 2.5 year ROTC scholarship. Click here to read about his selection.

Tyree Avery accepting ROTC scholarship

There are critical shortages of ARMY Chaplains. This year alone the Army Active Duty will be short 77 Battalion chaplains across the force. This level of shortage affects Army readiness. ROTC provides the opportunity for qualified Cadets to receive an Education Delay to go directly from undergraduate to graduate school/seminary to fulfill the requirements to become an active duty chaplain. This career requires servant leadership that Central Baptist College exists to prepare students for.

For further assistance, contact Pam Sims, Associate Director of PACE Enrollment for Military Relations at (501) 205-8807 or (501) 212-6608.