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Attendance & Withdrawal:

Online students are required to participate in courses by 11:59pm on the Sunday night before the second week of classes or they will be administratively withdrawn by the instructor with a grade of W and will receive a 50% tuition refund. Instructors must e-mail the Registrar’s Office to initiate a withdrawal. Class participation is defined by the instructor.

A student who wishes to officially withdraw from a Winter Intersession course must send an e-mail to requesting withdrawal from the course. E-mail must contain student name, CBC ID Number, Course Number, Course Name, and reason for withdrawal. The time stamp on the e-mail will determine the date of the withdrawal (see time listings on deadlines in the calendar).


$390.00 – Per Credit Hour (the second digit of the course number indicates credit hours)
*Plus any applicable course fees

December 10-11, Thursday - Friday Registration Deadline
December 11, Friday Payment due for 3 credit hour courses
December 14, Monday 3 credit hour courses begin
December 16, Wednesday Final day to add a 3 credit hour course
December 20, Sunday Final day to withdraw with 50% refund. No refund after this date
December 29, Tuesday Registration Deadline/ Payment due for 1 credit hour courses
December 30, Wednesday Final date to officially withdraw with a "W" from a 3 hour course
January 5, Tuesday 1 credit hour course activity begins
January 12, Tuesday Final Grades Due for all courses

Course Offerings

Winter Intersession December 14, 2020 - January 12, 2021
Course Number Course Title TIME Instructor
BIB 1300-88 Old Testament Survey Online Slayton
BIO 1400-88 Biology for Gen Education Online Gabbard
BIO 3120-88 Medical Terminology Online Seong
CHM 1404-88 Chemistry for Gen Ed Online Gomez, E
EDU 1230-88 Basic Educ Tech Skills Online Gammill
ENG 2302-88 World Literature I Online Dotson
HIS 1300-88 World History I Online Duffield
HIS 1301-88 World History II Online Duffield
HIS 2300-88 American Nation I Online Bender
KIN 1300-88 Principles of Kinesiology Online Brister
KIN 3390-88 Sport Psychology Online Riddle
KIN 4330-88 Structural Kinesiology Online Brister
KIN 4340-88 Test & Measurement Online Brister
MTH 0300-88 Intermediate Algebra Online Strain
MTH 1303-88 College Algebra Online Strain
PED 2300-88 Personal & Community Health Online Riddle
PHY 1404-88 Physical Science for Gen Education Online Gabbard
POS 2300-88 American Natn'l Gov't Online Bender
SOC 2300-88 Intro Sociology Online Riddle
SPH 2300-88 Oral Communication Online Gardner
All below PED classes meet 01/05/21- 01/12/21 and have an online component. Daily Schedule will be e-mailed with course introduction.
PED 1115-01 Racquetball TBA Riddle
PED 1116-01 Badminton TBA Riddle
PED 1119-01 Tennis TBA Riddle
PED 1121-01 Bowling TBA Riddle
PED 1123-01 Golf TBA Riddle