Endowed Scholarships

One of the most critical needs for Central Baptist College is more endowed scholarships. More scholarship dollars translates into more students. Establishing an Endowed Scholarship can be one of the most rewarding ways to give to CBC. This is done through the named Endowed Scholarship Program.

Central Baptist College maintains over thirty-five active endowed scholarships representing in excess of $1,000,000. The principal amount in an endowed scholarship is never spent. Instead, it is invested and a portion of the interest earned is awarded by the CBC Scholarship Committee annually to qualified students according to the scholarship agreement set up by the donor at the time of the contribution.

An endowed scholarship may be initiated for as little as $1,000 but must grow to at least $10,000 in seven years.

Contact the Advancement Office for complete guidelines.

Sancy Faulk – V.P. for Advancement

Watkins Academic Building (501) 205-8799 Email