Gifts That Transform

You sometimes read about “transformational gifts” when a college or university receives a very large donation. You may think, “I wish I could do something like that.” You can! Every contribution to Central Baptist College is a ‘transformational gift.” Why? Because that gift is used to further the mission of CBC! Did you know that Central Baptist College exists to “TRANSFORM lives through education that integrates Christian Faith and Academic Excellence?” That statement comes directly from our mission statement. So you see, when you give as God leads and blesses you, it really is a “Gift that Transforms!
Since we all have differing passions—key areas where we want to “see” the transformation our dollars make—you now have the option to choose the fund in which to invest. More details on these Transformational Funds can be found by clicking on the graphics below.

If you need more information or would prefer printed materials, please contact Sancy Faulk, Vice President of Advancement, at either or 501.205.8799.