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PACE Degrees

Business Administration, BBA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business Analytics, BBA

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Business Information Systems, BBA

Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems

Business, AA

The Associate of Arts in Business is a two-year degree that prepares students for further study in business, accounting, marketing, or management.

Church Administration, BS

Bachelor of Science in Church Administration

General Education, AA

The Associate of Arts in General Education is a two-year degree designed to prepare the student for further studies in the arts, humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. Students who transfer or remain at Central after two years have a solid foundation for continuing their education. The A.A. degree satisfies the general education requirements of most colleges and universities in this region. Students may choose from three options: liberal arts, social science, or science

General Studies, BS

The Bachelor of Science in General Studies is a PACE degree that provides a diverse educational experience. The curriculum includes courses in several areas: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, business, fine arts, and religion.

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