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Academic Excellence Anytime, Anywhere

Our 4-year PACE degree programs are accredited and designed for working professionals (night and online classes). The PACE Department is nearing its 20th year in existence and offers degrees in ministry, business, leadership, computer information systems, human resources, psychology, and more.

There are four things that make our programs exceptional.

First, faculty and students have the freedom to talk about salvation through Jesus Christ in our classrooms. Have you ever had a teacher pray for you inside or outside of the classroom? Have you ever had a teacher lead a short devotional at the start of class? In our classrooms, we apply biblical principles to what we teach. We care about your education and living an abundant life through Christ.

Second, the ‘hybrid’ format has a unique benefit. All of our classes are designed to be online to give the student flexibility in completing the coursework. The added benefit of the hybrid format offers live in-class instruction as an option. Students can join the class in person or online as the class is being taught. With the online option, students can participate in class discussion just as if they were sitting in the classroom. Additionally, the live class time is recorded, so all students are able to take in the instruction as time permits.

Third, our program is in an accelerated format. We make it easy. With our 5-week course schedule, a student can complete an undergraduate degree in 4 years. We have degree completion maps outlining which courses need to be taken at specific times. A student can follow that map or make adjustments as life changes occur. You can take a break and start back at your convenience.

Finally, we have been doing it longer than most. There are some things that can be better learned through experience. Our faculty and administrators know how to navigate the potential obstacles encountered in an accelerated learning environment. We know how to ensure student success. We use external testing to compare our graduates to their peers. We are not required to do this testing. We do it to ensure quality. Our students and test results are exceeding expectations versus colleges in our peer group.

If you have a desire to complete your college degree, consider choosing Central Baptist College. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

Written by Chad Linn Director of the PACE Department

Our outstanding faculty and staff stand ready to serve you through higher education. PACE allows you to earn your degree anytime, anywhere! Choose a class format that works for you. In-class, online and hybrid options give the working adult the flexibility to complete their degree while juggling job and family responsibilities. You will also enjoy taking one, 5-week course at a time so that you can devote your full attention to each class. Choose from 12 accredited degree options as well as 8 different enrollment periods throughout the year!

To learn more about PACE visit To inquire or apply visit If you have any questions about the application or financial aid process please contact the Office of Admissions to start the conversation, or (501) 329-6873.



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