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Alumni Stories

Kurtsy Oswald is a former Mustang Soccer student-athlete who has done great things after graduation.

Soccer to Medicine

Kurtsy is a 2013 Biology graduate. She played for former coach Justin Hawkins from 2009-10. She spent her final years at CBC concentrating on earning her degree. She just recently graduated from the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, Va., and followed that with a first-year residency in emergency medicine at the Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va.

Journey to CBC

Oswald said that she originally heard about CBC from her high school soccer coach, who was friends with Coach Hawkins. She wanted to play college soccer, so she worked with Coach Hawkins to make this desire a reality. As a freshman, Kurtsy scored her only career goal and she played in 25 games overall in two seasons.

Valuable Lessons

When asked what her best experience was, Kurtsy said: “The relationships that I made with my teammates. My best friend even now, was also a year ahead of me.” She said that the most valuable lesson she learned was learning how to network from the administration. “Every relationship is important in life,” Oswald added. “It helps you develop professionally. I was involved with the President’s Leadership Council, which was huge in my professional development and I still adhere to some of the principals I learned there today.”

Finding Her Purpose

Kurtsy was asked how CBC has influenced her professional life, she responded: “CBC does a great job of making you introspective on your purpose in life. I was at a conference recently and I got that reaffirmed. We discussed what our purpose was, and burnout and I remembered that CBC made me really introspective and it helped me understand my purpose.”

Live Up the Experience

When asked what advice she would give to incoming students that are interested in CBC, Oswald replied: “Really live up the experience. It was an awesome four years and being at a small college is an awesome way to make long term relationships. Enjoy every day being carefree and the real learning comes from the relationships that you will make. You will find your people and that will make these four years memorable.”

Join the Mustang Family

Kurtsy found her purpose in life at CBC and we believe that will happen for you too! Visit and schedule a visit or apply today.

Blog written by Erik Holth, Public Relations Officer



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