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An Alumni Story: Luis Ortega

A twelve-year old boy in Houston, Texas, was taken by his mentor to the place where he worked: a radio station. After a short studio tour, the mentor left to do a quick errand and instructed the boy to “do something if I’m not back before the song is over.” When the song stopped before his mentor came back, instead of panicking, the boy grabbed the mic, gave the station I.D., announced the weather, and queued the next song.

A Full-Time Job

Because the station manager heard a new voice on the air, she went into the studio and discovered a young boy at the controls. Luis was offered a volunteer position that day, which he accepted, and four years later it became a full-time job.

That young boy was Director of Operations Luis Ortega, who recently celebrated twenty years at Lifeword.

Surrendered to the Ministry

Luis surrendered to the ministry as a teenager, and his interest in technology continued throughout high school. He began attending Central Baptist College in 1996 as a Bible and ministerial student, helped with IT at CBC. After graduating with a Bible degree in 2000, he began working at Lifeword full time and married CBC student Lisa Sutherland. They now have four children: Elyse, Elias, Elynn and Ellisen.

Two Decades at Lifeword

In his two decades at Lifeword, Ortega has directed the Spanish broadcast, managed technology for BMA America, and trained leaders worldwide to use media and technology to broadcast the gospel.

Luis’s skills became critically important in 2017 when Lifeword began implementing cloud technology to reach even more of the world. Since then God has blessed the ministry through Luis’s continued guidance of the Lifeword team and global partners to expand the ministry’s reach to over 90 languages.

Servant Leadership

Executive Director Donny Parrish often says, “There is no one better at moving in and out of cultures than Luis Ortega.” His cultural skills are truly a blessing, but even more important is his servant leadership as he directs the Lifeword team to expand its gospel footprint around the world through media.

Making Disciples of all Nations

“It is humbling to see what the Lord is doing through the work of the talented and passionate team members from around the world and in the home office,” says Ortega. “I pray that the best is yet to come as we do our part in partnering with the local church in the task of making disciples of all nations. These past 20 years have been rewarding and it is my prayer that God will find us faithful until he comes or calls us home.”


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