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CBC Alumni Stories

Leah Carvajal stayed local after graduating and currently works in the Conway area.

Counseling Career

Leah graduated from Central Baptist College in 2011 with a degree in Psychology and Counseling. She is a licensed professional counselor for Restored Life Private Counseling in Conway, where they counsel individuals, couples, and families and offer psychological testing. Leah also hosts a podcast titled “Let’s Unravel That” with coworker Jennifer Henry where they talk about what gets people stuck in life. The podcast is available on iTunes and Spotify and is available one to two times a month.

“We talk about relationship and Spiritual issues from a therapist’s perspective,” noted Carvajal.

Leah’s CBC Experience

Carvajal met her husband, Forest, a former CBC golfer, in college. She said that her favorite experiences were “Learning in Dr. New’s classes. He really prepared me for graduate school (UCA) where I got my Master’s in community counseling. I met some close friends at CBC and we are still close to each other, even to this day.”

Well Prepared

When asked how CBC influenced her current profession, Leah replied: “I had great guidance and instruction and I was very prepared for grad school. It was a great time to learn a lot about myself, which is very important to be good at, especially in this profession.”

A Valuable Lesson

Leah said, “There’s more to life than making good grades,” when asked about the most valuable lesson learned while a student. “There’s more to an identity than what is achieved academically.”

Advice for the Current Generation

If she had advice she would impart to this generation of students, Leah noted that it would be to “invest in relationships. It’s harder to make friends when you are an adult. Spend time with people and get to know them and cultivate relationships. Those are the relationships that you will have after college.

Leah lives in Greenbrier with her husband, who works as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant.

Check out Leah’s podcast, Let’s Unravel That and how Restored Life Counseling is helping the people of central Arkansas.

Written by Erik Holth, Public Relations Officer

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