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CBC Alumni Stories

“Lord, send me where I don’t just attend school, but where I can lead and serve.” My name is Jordan Bowen, and this was my prayer the night after I graduated from high school. With a spirit of peace, I knew that this place had to exist, and that God would guide me there. Not long after this cry out to God did the Lord lead my parents and I to the decision for me to move from Oklahoma City to Conway, Arkansas to become a Central Baptist College student.

My CBC Experience

Within minutes upon arriving to CBC was my cry to God answered. Immediately I was given opportunities on and off campus to make an impact. I often wondered how these opportunities had so quickly become available, but in time the answer has become clear. It was because CBC gave me a culture of authentic discipleship.

Investment and Accountability

Two different professors went out of their way to schedule weekly time with me in practical investment and accountability. Jim Turner and Dr. John David Smith were the first people to ever disciple me and it was because of them that I immediately found a place to lead at CBC. They did it very simply by developing a relationship with me in and out of class. In our time together they would ask me about my relationship with the Lord and model leadership and evangelism for me. Then they provided me opportunities to model for and lead others as they had for me. Both men have become two of my greatest friends still today and actively invest in my current ministry.

Prepared for Full-time Ministry

Currently, I am planting a church alongside a wonderful team in Little Rock, AR. The mission of the church is to be “in the city, for the nations.” We base all that we do to reach people groups and under-served peoples that are far from the Gospel. We seek to be a multicultural church that uses simple and reproducible models to plant many churches throughout the world. It was through my time at CBC and its emphasis on discipleship that God articulated much of this vision for me and my wife.

CBC Guided Me

My journey at CBC began with a desire of surrender and passion to lead. Through my time there my prayer was answered, and a life trait of surrender was fueled. CBC was the birthing place of discipleship and a kingdom mindset for me and has guided me in fulfilling God’s global mission.

Join the Mustang Family

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