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CBC Alumni Story

Hunter Clark is a recent graduate of Central Baptist College from Sheridan, AR. She played softball for the Mustangs for four years from 2015-2018.​

Why CBC?

When Hunter Clark came to CBC as a freshman, she came from a bad atmosphere previously. “I didn’t like the atmosphere,” she said. “I came to CBC because of the influence of former Mustang softball coach Crystal Robinson, who told me she would help me love the game again.” Hunter did end up loving the game again, playing a key role in every season, playing the outfield her freshman year before shifting to the infield for her final three seasons. When asked which she like better, Clark responded, “The outfield is a place where you get to chill. You must be ready on the infield all the time. There is never a play off, and you have to be focused.” That focus helped Hunter become one of the driving forces in leading the Mustangs to the 2018 NCCAA National Championship in her final season.

The Championship

“When we won the title, I had a terrible week at the plate,” she said. “I thought I was going to end my career badly, but I got a hit in the championship game and that put me at peace. It was great. I was proud for the team and for Coach (Jordon) Jones because we grew up together.” It was a fitting way to end Clark’s storied career, as she sits in the record books in many ways, but most significantly by holding the single-season and career stolen base records. Now that this chapter in her life is complete, Clark will transition into a new role.

Life After Softball

Beginning July 30, Hunter began a career as a middle school math & science teacher at Arkansas Christian Academy in Bryant. Additionally, began the process of helping the school establish a softball program in 2020, which she will be the inaugural head coach for.

“It’s a lot of research and hard work to start a program,” said Clark. “Thankfully, I can rely on my principal, who has 15-plus years of coaching experience.” Additionally, when asked how her age would influence her future team, she responded: “I think it will help. I’m going to be able to understand what they are going through because I just finished my career, which spanned 18 years.”

When asked how softball influenced her chosen profession, Clark answered: “The bonding that we did as a team helped me understand that I can influence kids for Christ. I can share my faith every day. Being able to open up to the team was huge and now I get to pass that along to younger kids.”

My CBC Experience

Clark lists her best experience at CBC as going to this year’s AMC tournament and showing everyone that we could hang with them. She added that the most valuable lesson learned as a Mustang was that “I could still praise God through the struggles. I had an up and down career in terms of wins. I really enjoyed being a motivator and picking up the freshman after losses.”

Article written by Erik Holth, CBC Sports Information Director on June 11, 2018 of the Mustang Athletic Department’s summer alumni spotlight: Where Are They Now Series.

Photo provided by Carole Nunn

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