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CBC Student Stories

My name is Sydney Hawkins and I am a Junior at Central Baptist College.

My Journey to CBC

I first came to CBC in the fall of 2017. At that time, I believed God had brought me to CBC to be able to further my volleyball career. I played one season with the Lady Mustangs before I felt God pulling at my heart to consider quitting the sport I so dearly love.  In January of 2018, I decided to quit my athletic career and focus on my academic career. While I believed God used volleyball to get me to CBC, I started to realize he had a bigger purpose for me being here. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Middle Education with an emphasis in Math and Social Studies. I plan on graduating one semester early, from my 4-year plan, in the fall of 2020.

A Change of Plans

After my time at CBC, I plan on getting my masters in either Counseling or Administration. God didn’t just use my first semester here to move me from athletics, but he also used it to change my degree path. As long as I can remember I would spend my afternoons and weekends up at a school. My mom is a teacher and coach, so I’ve grown accustomed to staying late so she could hold practices or put in necessary extra hours toward her classroom. However, I always said I would never follow my mother’s footsteps and be a teacher, and that worked even until my first semester in college. When I came to CBC I wanted to major in accounting and minor in Spanish. My first semester here I enjoyed my business classes, but I had a feeling as if I was missing something important. I felt as though I was doing the wrong thing even though I wasn’t “failing” at it. Switching my major to education wasn’t just surrendering to the teaching field but it was a surrender to what God was calling me to do.

Life After Volleyball

After I quit volleyball, I became more involved in campus activities such as the Student Activities Board. This academic year I am also on the President’s Leadership Council. Through these groups I have made many connections and lasting friendships. Growing up in Conway my whole life it’s surprising I didn’t know much about CBC before coming here. I never thought I would go to school in Conway let alone go to a school that is significantly smaller than what I was used to in High School. However, I truly believe that God brought me to CBC with a purpose.

My CBC Experience

The friendships and relationships I have made at CBC are one of my favorite parts about this school. This college is about more than just getting your degree, it’s about people. If you go to CBC you are more than just a name on a sheet of paper, you are a part of something bigger. Students here are not only challenged by their professors, but they are encouraged. Faculty and staff not only want you to succeed in the classroom but in life. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know if you are stressed or struggling you have someone here praying and rooting for you. Get involved with programs and activities at CBC and you won’t regret it!

Next Steps

After I graduate from CBC, I plan on substituting in a school district and gaining some experience while I wait to apply for a job in an upcoming school year. While I am working, I plan on getting my masters to be able to expand my experience and skills. I hope to be teaching a 5th-6th grade math class within my first few years.

Join the Mustang Family

If you are you looking for your career and ministry calling like Sydney. Let us help! Visit to schedule a visit or apply today!

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