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CBC Student Stories

Hello, my name is Lexie Lynn Carson. I am a freshman at Central Baptist College and love it here dearly. I’m majoring in Bible and minoring in Youth Ministries. What exactly are my plans with these degrees? I’m not sure yet. However, I’m going to stay on this path until God says move. If he doesn’t move me, then I’ll continue into full time ministry. However, I do know that I want to become a better leader. I want to surround myself with people who challenge me academically and spiritually.


I chose Central Baptist College after I saw the firm foundation they had with God. “Academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.”  What does this mean? What does this look like? For example, to be a student on this campus is humbling. I get the privilege of being around good people with good hearts. There’s always a constant effort to pour into student’s lives. If I were to describe CBC in one word it would be ‘change’. There is constant change for the better.

I also chose CBC because I saw Justin Moore, Director of Admissions, be a man of his word and of God. I shook hands with President Terry Kimbrow and instantly saw his spirit of integrity and leadership. I never took a personal campus visit because I already knew, after meeting them, what my decision was. I notice when I see someone with integrity. I knew if I wanted a school with a high quality of education and thoughtful student service this is where I wanted to call home.

Not Just Higher Education

My classmates are eager to learn and show me why having God active in your life is even more important than having a strong education. Mr. Moore and President Kimbrow impacted my view of the school right off the bat when I met them. This phrase summarizes what I took away from my encounter with them. CBC is not just higher education it’s a mission and passion to include God in learning.

After seeing how CBC challenges the students it has inspired me to want to become a better version of myself. There is a dedication and a passion to grow students to benefit the world and their life. The faculty and staff want students to become leaders. Not just in the classroom but when they go into the world. Education is a big part of being successful in our society. But without God you don’t have the opportunity to earn an education. I value being challenged to know God more and learn more. It’s an honor to be around people driven to teach you to impact your heart. I’ve had some of the most mature conversations in my life with my professors.

CBC Has Blessed Me

I chose Central Baptist College, but they chose to honor me in return. It has blessed my life beyond measure. I don’t take credit for any of it. God has blessed me abundantly by directing me to the CBC staff that showed me that this was my home away from home.

What I love about CBC

I love the family atmosphere that you feel in a matter of moments in the classroom and laughing with friends at basketball games. I’ve fallen in love with the maturity of the students and staff. The best part is knowing that if you are having a hard time in a class you can sit down and chat with your professor in their office and get advice. Central Baptist College prides itself not just on being another college, but to be who God has called them to be. An institution that develops strong leaders for God through higher education. I’m so happy I picked Central Baptist College!

Join The Mustang Family

Are you looking for a “home away from home” where you are challenged academically and spiritually, like Lexie was?  Visit to schedule a visit and apply today!



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