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CBC Student Story

Mati Spencer is a 2017 graduate of Central Baptist College. Her CBC student story connected her to a career field. She interned at the BMA of America office in 2016.

Mati published this article on April 15, 2016 on the BMA Life blog to share her experience.


I have always loved to write.

There’s just something about interweaving nouns with verbs, clauses with phrases, that allows me a great depth of freedom and creativity. This childhood interest soon turned to passion, though, when I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life weaving together stories, specifically stories about the Lord.

Originally I wanted to enter into the political or investigative journalism fields. I knew the adrenaline rush from tracking down and discovering vital information would be addictive, yet I also knew I would eventually tire of the constant stream of corruption and lies that I would have to feed my readers.

After much prayer, I decided there was only one topic I could never tire of writing about, that I would consider a privilege to give to those who read the stories I had crafted. That topic was the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When considering a college that would equip me for writing about the Lord, Central Baptist College stood out. With its close proximity to the BMA America offices and its caring journalism staff, I soon began attending this school in Conway, Arkansas, three hours from my hometown of Washburn, Missouri.

I continued to grow in my knowledge and love of all aspects of journalism, taking classes and working for the Tower school newspaper. In my junior year of college, I applied for and received an internship at the BMA of America, where I am now learning under Holly Meriweather in their media department.

In this internship, I am completely at Holly’s disposal, observing what she does, and learning how to work in media ministry. I copyedit and proofread materials distributed by the BMA, including articles for mission:world magazine and Compass literature from DiscipleGuide.

I have also worked in raising awareness for Lifeword Sunday, and the new sponsorship program Lifeword is beginning for businesses and organizations to support the ministry.

Undoubtedly, God had a plan when he gave me a passion for him and a passion for writing. He knew I would desire to write for him and graciously led me to my current internship at BMA America. When I graduate from CBC in 2017, I will use the information learned in my internship and my undergraduate classes to share with people the hope of the world: Jesus Christ.

(Note by Holly Meriweather: Brandon Cox, pastor at Grace Hills in Rogers, Arkansas, encouraged Mati, who did not grow up in a BMA church, to consider CBC. We have appreciated her work at Lifeword and BMA Development and look forward to her continued internship in the fall semester after her summer-long mission work in Haiti.)

Written by Mati Spencer

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