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CBC Student Story

My name is Luke Michael Smith and I’m a Junior Missions major and Marketing minor from Texarkana, Texas.

Answer to My Prayer

I chose to attend CBC in the spring of 2016. I knew it was the door that God had opened for me by earning the Leadership Scholarship. In high school, I knew that I would not be able to attend CBC unless it was mostly or completely paid for. I didn’t have much luck finding local scholarship opportunities. And, I did not want to take out any loans or go into debt either. As my family and I were praying for my future and what I should do. I began asking God to provide a way. So that my family and I would not have any debt. I can say, with a grateful heart, that the Lord answered that prayer. I don’t owe any money because God has been faithful and used CBC in a mighty way.

My Mission

I am studying Missions with a minor in Marketing. I feel called to missions in the United States either through local outreach or a non-profit organization. So that I can make an impact for Christ in the country I love. I honestly am not sure what that will look like in the future. However, I know two things: this country needs Jesus and I don’t have to worry because it is not my plan that I need to execute. It is about being obedient in the day to day things. Then the Lord will open an opportunity at the right time.

Why I Chose CBC

I chose CBC above a different institution or staying at home and working and going to community college because of the Christian atmosphere. I started looking differently at schools shortly after I came to faith in Jesus and surrendered my life to Him. I knew being in an atmosphere where I could grow in my personal walk with Him was and is important to me. Also, I do like smaller environments.  CBC is a place where I get personal attention to help me impact the campus and eventually my country.

Written by Luke Smith

We exist to transform lives and help students find their purpose in life, just like Luke. Visit to schedule a visit and apply.



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