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Change of Heart

My name is Jeremy Thomas and I currently live in Benton, Arkansas but I am originally from Fort Smith Arkansas. After moving to Benton and working as a security guard I decided to return to college. My initial plan was to obtain an associate degree through a technical college then enter the LPN program. However, as I got closer to completing the degree, I had a change of heart, I no longer wanted to be an LPN. I knew I wanted to help people but did not know exactly how and still be able to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

How I Found CBC

A close friend was attending CBC at this time and kept highly recommending the PACE (Professional Adult College Education) program to me, she was taking psychology courses at the time. After talking to a CBC advisor and researching jobs that require a Psychology degree, I finally decided to apply for admission.

One of My Best Decisions

Choosing Central Baptist College was one of the best decisions I have ever made and for many reasons. One of those reasons, which also had an influence on my decision to further my education by pursuing a master’s degree in College Administration, was one of the instructors and student affairs employees at CBC.

The staff and faculty at CBC want you to succeed and they show it by the high level of service they offer students. Everyone I met and worked with was very caring, supportive and amazing at assisting me with any issues I had. The way I was treated at CBC really had a positive impact on me academically and motivated me to want more.

Past schools I’ve attended in my opinion did not show passion for student success like this and that experience gave me a positive outlook on the type of person I wanted to be in my career and spiritually.

My CBC Experience

One of the best experiences I had at CBC, I will never forget it, was when my instructor asked the class to bow our heads to pray before class. We even prayed at the end of the class. I absolutely loved that! Let’s face it we all could use a little prayer especially before a test!

Valuable Education While Working Full Time

The courses I took were also amazing. The instructors at CBC taught in a way that made my transition to a career as a paraprofessional and caseworker easier by being able to apply what I learned to each of these roles.

I began Central Baptist College in 2014 and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. The PACE program allowed me to get a valuable education while continuing to work full time and still spend valuable time with my family.

The PACE Format + Great Instructors

My favorite thing about PACE program at CBC is only meeting for class one night a week. It was not overwhelming, even though the classes are only 5-weeks long, which for someone like me with anxiety and being a slower learner was perfect. The workload was doable and with the support from the instructors learning was very enjoyable.

Central Baptist College was a huge blessing and I am very thankful for the PACE program and for everyone I met during my time as a student.

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