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Goals and Prayers for 2019

I was recently asked to share my goals and dreams for Central Baptist College with the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of Arkansas. The BMA of Arkansas is the association of churches who own Central Baptist College. When I shared the list below, I also asked them to use this list as their 2019 prayer list for CBC. It is my prayer that as this list is shared with a broader audience, others outside of the BMA of Arkansas will be able to pray for CBC in a very specific way in 2019.

Goal/Prayer #1: That our students would know God, love God, and glorify God

Though we welcome students from all walks of life, it is our heart’s desire that every student will leave CBC with a strong relationship with Christ. Every semester, we see students gloriously saved because of the testimony of fellow students, chapel messages, and the genuine concern and witness of faculty, staff, and coaches. Our small groups ministry seeks to bring students into a closer relationship with God.

Goal/Prayer #2: We would remain true to the mission of the institution

As our mission statement clearly conveys, we are committed to transforming lives by providing an education that integrates Christian faith and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

Goal/Prayer #3: Students and families would consider CBC as the number one college choice

I believe that students and parents are looking for a true “Christian” college. One that adheres to biblical values and where the faculty and staff are committed to promoting lifestyle standards that are essential to students’ success. If you want to be part of a community that values faith, who believes that integrity is important, who are excited about the opportunity to learn, and are ready to be engaged and challenged academically. Central Baptist College is the place for you. We want students who are seeking a life-changing, transformational experience.

Please pray for students considering PACE (Professional Adult College Education), our “post-traditional” education program. Because PACE is structured differently than the traditional program, PACE has eight registration periods throughout the year as opposed to only January and August. At any time throughout the year, dozens of prospective students are considering beginning or completing their college degree through PACE. Please pray for these individuals as they make life-changing decisions for themselves and their families!

We are also looking toward the fall 2019 semester for traditional students and covet your prayers for these prospective students who are currently high school seniors or transfer students.

Goal/Prayer #4:  Broaden our base of prayer partners and financial contributors to support the mission and ministry of Central Baptist College

Yes, I know it is in reality God’s college.  However, it is God who led a group of men and women (Christian Education Committee of the BMA of Arkansas) in Warren, Arkansas, on November 13 & 14, 1951, at the annual meeting of the Arkansas Missionary Baptist Association, to step out in faith and trust God to provide the money to purchase what is now Central Baptist College.  The Rev. E. T. Burgess said of the purchase, “This is a great undertaking. If the zeal shown at the meeting of the Association is carried back home, and the churches will get behind this school project, it can be accomplished.”

It was accomplished, and it is still being accomplished today. We continue to enjoy the blessings of God through businesses, corporations, churches, and individuals who support this ministry financially and through their faithful prayers. Let us not lose that zeal!

Thank you

Thank you for your continued prayers for CBC. It is my great honor to lead this institution, and your prayers for me in particular mean so much! I anticipate another year filled with blessings.  I am praying and trusting God for miracles that will allow Central Baptist College to do BIG things for Him.

Written By Central Baptist College President Terry Kimbrow

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