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God Had Other Plans

Bears Trail, in Rison, Arkansas, has been the dusty loop I have lived on since I was six months old. I graduated at Woodlawn High School with a class of 47. During my senior year of high school, I began stressing over what school I wanted to go to. All my friends were going to University of Arkansas at Monticello and it was only 30 minutes from comfort, my parents. My dad would have loved for his baby to stay at home with him, but God had other plans.

A Family Legacy

Central Baptist College was where my mom went during her college days and I had heard numerous stories of the great experience she had here. After some research about the school, me and my mom came upon the Leadership Scholarship.

I applied, completed essays, interviews, and prayed a lot to see if Central Baptist College could possibly be a home for me. My future was clear after I got a phone call from Justin Moore, Director of Admissions, that I was going to be a CBC Leadership student.

I cancelled my classes from UAM and began packing for room 213 in Dickson Hall.

Why I Chose CBC

The people here and the positive, Christian environment are the main reasons I chose to make CBC my home. From the first step on campus, every professor, student, and faculty member treated me like family. CBC is somewhere I have learned more of who “Jordan” is.

I have grown closer to the Lord through devotional time and prayer from professors, chapel services, and the many late-night talks with my girls. My favorite things about CBC are my professors, the people I work with in the Admissions Office, and the forever friends that I have made.

It all revolves around the people.

Preparing for My Dream Job

I am now a Sophomore, part of the 2023 graduating class. Education is my major and will obtain a master’s degree in Counseling online after I graduate. I plan on teaching 2nd graders for the first part of my career but would love to become a high school counselor one day. CBC is doing a great job preparing me for my career.

Life Lessons

I have already learned a lot of life lessons that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Living in the dorms has taught me how to be more independent, my classes have taught me how to persevere, and my job in the Admissions office has taught me a lot about leadership and good work ethic.

My CBC Family

My family in the Admissions Office is a big part of my love for CBC. The people have mentored me and pushed me into becoming the best student, worker, and person I can be. Regardless of where I end up in life, CBC will always have a special place in my heart.

I have learned so much, stayed up way too late and had more than enough Taco Bell! I have been on numerous adventures. I have met lifelong friends here, as well as my future bridesmaids. Last, but not least, I have grown tremendously in my faith here at Central Baptist College.

I’m so glad God had other plans!

Written by Jordan Wilkie, Sophomore

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