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God Led Me to CBC

My name is Sierra Burrow, and I grew up in a small town called Quitman, Arkansas. Throughout my entire school career, I had planned on attending another college that my mom had graduated from. All my classes and activities were planned around attending that college because I’m a very scheduled person. The night I received my acceptance letter to that college, I felt God telling me that I belonged at Central Baptist College. It scared me because I had planned everything for another college, and I never thought about CBC before. God led me to CBC! So, I attended a Stampede Preview Day and I absolutely loved the atmosphere and people. Now I’m attending CBC! I am planning to major in psychology.

Home Away from Home

Moving to another town was scary for me, but as soon as I stepped foot on campus, I felt at home. Everyone I talked to was willing to help guide me around campus and get me plugged in. I went to a lot of CBC events like M.U.D. Week, spike ball intramurals, and a worship night on Wednesday’s that are student led. The teachers here are very intentional with their students and want the best for them. The classes are small so it’s easier to interact with the students. I have received help from teachers and other faculty members whenever I ask for it.

Here at Central Baptist College, we are a big family and I haven’t met someone that wouldn’t help someone who needs it. I have seen and received so much love and support here than I ever have before and have made friendships that can last a lifetime.

Following God’s Path

I love animals when I was growing up, so I was planning on becoming a veterinarian. I took some animal science classes and soon realized maybe God wasn’t leading me down that path. I prayed for God’s guidance and tried to see what career I could glorify Him the most in. After being still and figuring out my talents and interests, I realized a psychologist would be a good fit and career.  I plan to be a Christian psychologist for individuals dealing with trauma. This would be a great way to spread the gospel and bring God glory.

Being Surrounded by Other Christians

Being a student at Central Baptist College has introduced me to amazing people who love others like God loves us. I was excited to come to CBC because I was wanting to further my knowledge of the Bible and mature in my relationship with God. The friends I have made here help hold me accountable in a loving way. There have been many days and nights filled with laughing, crying, singing, and dancing. It’s amazing to see such supportive friends who will drop anything to talk to you when you’re having a bad day or pray over you when you have no words to say. I have grown in my relationship with God because of this and love passing this same love along to others.

Being Grateful

I am so grateful that God placed me at CBC with such amazing people and opportunities to grow. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and see God work in and through those around me.

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