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God’s Plan for Me

My name is Caitlyn Hiland and I am a 2020 graduate of Central Baptist College. Born and raised in Central Arkansas, I graduated from Greenbrier High School with a joint High School Diploma and Associates of Arts Degree from University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I earned a Business Administration degree and plan to further my education in law. Here is why CBC was God’s plan for me.

CBC was God’s Plan for Me

I never thought about Central Baptist College as an option when going through the end of my junior and beginning of my senior year. CBC was never my plan, but that’s the issue. CBC was God’s plan for me.

My plans included attending a large university and living the stereotypical “college life”. But I was way off. When I came to CBC I didn’t think I would love my classes, I didn’t think I would enjoy being so close to home, I didn’t think I would make new friends, and I definitely didn’t expect to grow in my relationship with the Lord, but the funny thing is, all of those things happened.

My Professors Cared for Me

At CBC, I had strong relationships with my professors to the point of knowing that they loved and cared for me, not just being told so. During my first year, living on campus, my relationship with my parents grew rapidly and I now have so much more respect for them.

For my senior year I was able to move back home, and I thoroughly enjoy being around my family. The friends that I have made here will forever love me and I will forever love and pray for them, even if I don’t see them that often anymore.

And finally, I have done a 180-degree turn in my relationship with God. He has shown me what true grace and mercy are and I long to grow deeper with Him.

The CBC Business Department

When talking to prospective students, or even students that have yet to declare a major, I feel like I can’t get the business department out of my mouth fast enough. I will have to admit to the bias that comes with this statement seeing as how I have always been a business major, but it still has truth.

The business department at CBC does a great job preparing students for employment. Not only do they send you out with job-specific knowledge, they also equip you with resources to find a job when you leave.

The amount of times that our department chair, Dr. Cantrell, has stopped her plans and asked me about how my classes are going and how my job hunt is going really shows how much she truly wants me to succeed.

The Chance to Grow

My favorite thing about CBC has been the chance to grow. Because it’s a smaller school, I was able to make connections and relationships that will follow me throughout my life.

With a larger university, that is highly unlikely. Central Baptist College has made a remarkable difference in my life, for the better. I can only hope that everyone could experience the opportunities that I’ve had at CBC.

Life Experience

Instead of going straight into law school, I am going to take a few years off and work before jumping back in. Being the daughter of an attorney, my dad has always said that with age comes wisdom, so I want to get a little bit of life experience before continuing down that path. In the meantime, I plan to either work in politics or communications somewhere in our state’s capitol.

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