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PACE Preferred Business Partnership

Central Baptist College is excited to announce a new innovative program in the PACE Enrollment Department.  Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2018, CBC started a new ‘Formal Partnership’ plan with external constituents (Organizations, Businesses, Non-Profits, and Municipalities) that will allow for better communication, information sharing and to provide a discounted tuition rate for employees or members of the organizations.

Central Baptist College has undertaken this new initiative to improve community engagement, as well as student recruitment for the college’s PACE Program.  The PACE Program is a Non-Traditional pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree in a format that is different than traditional college programs.  Utilizing five-week ‘blocks’ of classes stacked four ‘blocks’ per semester, students have an opportunity to enroll and start classes in any of the eight annual enrollment periods at the College.  By taking one class per block, students can be full-time students each semester and can enroll in up to eighteen hours of college credit per semester if they desire.  This format allows students to be full-time and both scholarship and Pell Grant eligible and to complete their Bachelor’s Degree while maintaining work schedules or responsibilities during the day.  The PACE Program offers twelve different degree major options ranging from Business Administration to Leadership and Ministry.  PACE is offered in three formats: In-Person classes allow students to attend class in a traditional way at either our Conway or North Little Rock campus at Camp Robinson.  Hybrid classes offer a virtual classroom that allows students to ‘zoom in’ from a laptop and engage their instructor and classmates in real-time.  Online classes are offered with video of faculty lecturing as well as supplemental materials available for students to access.  Whether you are a first-time freshman or returning to school after a break, the CBC PACE Program has options to meet your needs.  Most PACE students either left college or never had the chance to start because of family or job obligations.  PACE students have the flexibility and access needed for today’s busy lifestyle and can work literally from anywhere.

The CBC PACE Formal Partnership Program lays the foundation for a long-term Biblical relationship in which all parties benefit.  Provided at no cost to the partners, Central Baptist College has drafted a Memorandum of Understanding that both parties sign and agree to, outlining the specifics of the agreement.  Either side may terminate the partnership at any time, and it isn’t binding or exclusive.  The partnerships provide a relationship between the College and outside entities allowing for improved communication, career and job placement opportunities, curriculum and programmatic development, and development and sponsorship funding opportunities.  Best of all, the employees or members of the organizations receive a tuition discount to enroll in PACE Bachelor’s Degree classes, hopefully resulting in a better educated and skill-based workforce.

Central Baptist College is proud to be a Military Friendly campus and was named in the top ten Military Friendly campuses nationwide for schools of our type.  We also offer an exciting Veteran’s Tuition Discount.  All veterans, active duty, guard, or reserve members that are receiving service-related benefits are eligible for the tuition discount.  After the G.I. Bill monies are paid, the discount waives remaining tuition for most military service members.  All service members, regardless of benefits status, receive a 25% tuition discount.  

If your business or organization is interested in partnering with Central Baptist College’s PACE Program or for more information on PACE, please contact Brooks Walthall, Director of PACE Enrollment at or (501) 205-8840.  For the free online application to the CBC PACE Program, visit our website at



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