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Real Life Preparation

My name is Tyree Avery and I was born in Brooklyn New York but raised in Indiana. I currently live in Conway, Arkansas, on active duty orders in the U.S. Army. I’m working at the University of Central Arkansas in the ROTC department as a recruiter. My career will be moving me to a lot of different places. My next stop is to Fort Lee, Virginia, in February for four months. Once that time is up, I will live in Oklahoma for a couple of years. CBC gave me real life preparation for this opportunity.


My attendance at Central Baptist College began in 2017. I had just graduated with an Associates of Science from Arkansas Baptist College. After graduation, I had a choice between attending Oklahoma City University, the University of Arkansas and CBC. That summer I had just completed an internship at U of A working under the head chair of the science department and I believed I knew what school I was going to.

Thinking back, I initially chose CBC because of Coach Prophete. We had already generated a relationship and he understood where I was coming from. I graduated in 2020 with an Associates in Military Technologies, and my Bachelor’s in Molecular Bioscience. Initially wrestling was my primary reason for attending CBC. Wrestling is my passion. It gives me discipline and the drive to move forward. Without it I would have never made it in college. I stayed at CBC because of the support I got from my professors and other staff. I did not feel like another number, and people actually cared about my health, my wellbeing and my future.


My most memorable experiences revolve around the Wrestling team. I miss the strenuous practices that leave you sore and often sick to your stomach. Tough matches that leave you mentally drained for days. It was a love hate relationship, but I wouldn’t be who I am today without it.

I remember being on the campus, being exposed to so many ideas and points of view and being able to see things “up close”. For example, I remember walking around the music and theatre departments and hearing the wonderful mix of sounds as people practiced, discussed, argued, and the sight of the beautiful polished musical instruments lined up in the storerooms. Every time I walked through the Cooper Complex, I found myself gazing through that little window in amusement.

Then there was the library, where I spent majority of my time. Where people studied, wrote, read, flirted, dozed off, occasionally wept, and often stayed until midnight when they reluctantly left to discover it was chilly outside.


I feel that I was well prepared for real-life situations and research. Difficult courses have taught me exceptional critical-thinking skills and that the answers will not always be in front of my face. Through courses like Biotechnology, Genetics, Cell Biology, etc., I have learned how to solve complex problems and that high-quality results take hard work. I also built a solid foundation on how to form a relationship with almost anybody.


I make a lot of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean I am the mistake. Through coaches, and professors at CBC, I learned that my mistakes don’t define me. The relationships I’ve built are forever, and I know I can always call them for guidance.


Are you seeking a college that will truly care for you and give you real life preparation for the rest of your life like Tyree?

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