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The Best Decision

Hello, my name is Jerrica Louissaint. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. Right now, my family and I reside in Peyton, Colorado. The weather is mostly cold here, but the scenery is so beautiful! The mountainous terrain and epic waterfalls resemble the pictures that you see on the screen savers on your laptop when it times out. There is always something fun to do here. Attending Central Baptist College was the best decision I have ever made!


My current major is Business Administration. I have been attending Central Baptist since May of 2015 and my goal is to finish college. I am an army wife and veteran with five children. Because of my career and family, I always placed my educational needs on hold. I have found out that in the work force, when you have a college degree you can promote to higher paying jobs. I look at my enormous household and want to bring more to it. It’s my desire to show my children that despite whatever life throws your way, a college education will yield a bounty of abundant blessings.


I aspire to finally graduate by January 2021. My advisor, Pam Sims, is my biggest advocate. I have given up on myself and my education several times, but she refuses to give up on me. She has shown me so many alternatives that I can take in the place of classes that plagued me. Pam advocated for my funding and assured that my needs weren’t overlooked. She has advised me on how to lighten my workload so that I don’t strain myself. Also, she assured that I always had my needed materials. She has answered my emails at all hours of the day. I have never seen her face, but I have felt the love and respect she has for me and the other students attending this college. This humbles me and I want to continue to make her proud.


I was referred to Central Baptist College by one of my old army battle buddies. He explained to me the ease of the 5-week course format of the PACE program and how I could handle school, raising my household, and working a full-time job. I had been out of school for several years and was very hesitant. The PACE professors were courteous and understanding. They always made sure my needs were met and that I had adequate understanding of their courses. Since enrolling, I have referred three family members to this institution.


My favorite part of attending this college is knowing that I have a team of individuals who are driven toward my success. Failure is not an option. When I give up on myself, they never give up on me. I am now in my senior year, with a 3.7 GPA, and I am 6 classes away from graduating with my first degree. I am the first person in my family to go to college. My children are anxiously awaiting to be the next generation of college graduates. They are so proud of me and I am so proud of myself.


Central Baptist College is helping me enhance my Federal career. My favorite experience is knowing that I mastered a course that I thought I was going to fail the first week.

I was fearful that my disability would prohibit me from attaining the same educational success of those who don’t suffer from anything. CBC worked with my disability and made me flourish in areas that I was once so dark in. I am currently ranked at the top of my class! I wouldn’t have been able to blossom without the love and respect of the staff, my advisor, and this amazing institution.

During COVID, they gave me scholarships to help aid me during the pandemic. I didn’t sign anything; it was just deposited in my account with an email stating to remain blessed in this situation. Going to this college is the best decision I ever made for myself. I strongly encourage everyone to attend CBC for your educational success!


Do you need a college that truly believes in your success and stands by you every step of the way like Jerrica did?

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