This is My Experience at CBC - Central Baptist College

This is My Experience at CBC


My name is Kathy Baker and I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Conway where I currently reside and this is my experience at CBC.


I am majoring in Psychology and I plan to become a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. In addition to practicing as a counselor I would also love the opportunity to teach at the college level in the future.

I will graduate from CBC in the fall of 2021 and I plan to attend graduate school and earn my master’s in mental health counseling.

A Program that Embraces Non-traditional Students

When searching for schools, I was looking for a program that embraced non-traditional students and wold work around my schedule.

I am a stay at home mother of a son named Charlie, whom I home school. Charlie has autism, and I needed a program that would work around his schooling and therapies.

After a lot of prayer, and a google search I discovered CBC’s PACE program. I was thrilled to discover a faith-based program that worked with me and my schedule.

My choice to attend CBC was finalized because of the courteous, quick response from the admissions staff. I have been out of school for over twenty years, and I had a lot of questions, the staff at CBC was kind, patient and assisted me every step of the way with registration.

My CBC Experience

I have loved my experience at CBC. My favorite part has been how warm and caring both staff and fellow students have been. Although I attend all my courses online, I feel as though I am as involved with professors and fellow students as if I attended in person. The professors have all been very kind, and they truly care about everyone’s success in the program.

I have also made a lot of friends through weekly forum posts, and we support and encourage one another along the way.

Challenging Academic Program

The PACE program has prepared me for my career by providing a challenging academic program in which I have gained knowledge and skills that will serve me well in the future.

I also feel that CBC has provided me with the foundation for managing my career with Godly principles and integrity. Often in class I am asked to not only think about how I would handle or manage certain situations at work given the information taught in class, but to also to think about how I would handle it as a Christian manager.

Having the opportunity to openly discuss my Christian values and how they align with my future career is a unique experience that I would not have been given at many universities, and I am truly grateful to CBC for the opportunity to do so.

Hope and Opportunity

CBC means hope and opportunity to me. For many years I felt I was never going to see my dream of completing my degree come to fruition. I now know that it is possible, even with balancing many challenges in my daily life. I am blessed to attend CBC and feel confident about my future.

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