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The Central Baptist College's Bible Department provides thorough biblical training and prepares students for jobs in ministry and seminary studies. 


What are Potential Jobs in Ministry?

The obvious answers are pastor or missionary. Central Baptist College graduates serve around the world in churches and on the mission field. In addition, the biblical training prepares a student to serve on a church staff as an assistant or associate pastor, a worship leader, an educational director, a missions pastor, a children’s or youth leader, or a Senior Adult leader.


Graduates can also serve a church as a volunteer in Vacation Bible School, Sunday School classes, small group ministries and care-giving ministries. In addition, graduates can also serve as educators and leaders in Christian education in pre-schools, child care ministries, private elementary and high schools, and summer camps. In addition, when graduates add post-graduate seminary studies they could serve on the faculty of a private college or seminary.


Other possible jobs in ministry for graduates include chaplaincy opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, businesses, sports and the military. The biblical training a graduate will receive also equips them to perform introductory marriage and family counseling.


Publications is another job in ministry for some graduates. For example, students can receive a biblical foundation for Christian journalism for writing worship folders, church newsletters, Christian literature for studies and Sunday School classes, devotional books and material, books, commentaries, study guides and Christian topics, Christian poetry and songs and for other media communication like radio, television and the internet.



Four internships are offered to Central Baptist College Bible and Missions majors to accompany their classroom instruction. Each internship is designed for a specific ministry.



A pastoral internship teams a student with an established pastor for on the church training including sermon preparation and delivery, visitation, and ministry to the bereaved.



A missions internship places a student in a missionary context to experience firsthand the ministry of missions in a mission work including how to deal with a different culture and language as well as how to most effectively present the Gospel.


Religious Education

A religious education internship sets a student in a church educational situation where the student learns about teaching people in Sunday School and biblical study groups and how to manage and promote discipleship.



A youth internship guides a student in the overall ministry to young people including developing youth and parent ministries, working with volunteers, preparing and teaching lessons, leading fun and recreational activities, planning and going on trips and to camps, counseling, and making youth ministry a part of the church.


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Bible and Missions. Students can minor in pastoral studies, religious education, youth ministry, and missions within the department or any institutional minor.


Mission Statement

The academic purpose of the Bible Department at Central Baptist College is to provide solid biblical training which is demanded for effective ministry, to develop leadership and ministry skills within persons called to church and agency ministries, and to direct students toward the highest levels of integrity and character. 


This purpose is accomplished by:

  1. Focusing wholly upon biblical text, history, and principles of interpretation.

  2. Preparing persons to lead congregations in worship, witness, mission, Christian education, and service.

  3. Enhancing personal and professional skills for leadership in ministry.

  4. Pursuing learning that joins the mind and heart.

  5. Integrating the Bible with other disciplines, causing the student to think critically from the Christian faith about ideological, technical, and scientific assumptions.


Virgil Porter Cropped 2.jpg

Dr. Virgil Porter

Department Chair / 

Associate Professor of Bible

(501) 205-8842

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor

Joel Slayton Cropped.jpg

Dr. Joel Slayton

Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages

(501) 205-8860

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor

Martin Jameson Cropped.jpg

Dr. Martin Jameson

Assistant Professor 

of Bible

(501) 205-8814

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor

John David Smith.jpg

Dr. John David Smith

Assistant Professor

of Missions

(501) 205-8866

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor


Dr. Tim Brewer

Professor of Bible

(501) 205-8453


Dr. Ben South

Professor of Bible

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor


Dr. Jimmy Decker

Professor of Bible

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor

Watkins Academic Building, 2nd Floor

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