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MAY 2, 2020 Burgess Auditorium in the Cooper Complex: PACE Ceremony 10:00am / Traditional Ceremony 2:00pm

Timeline of the day’s events for Saturday, May 2, 2020 (Revised Date as of 8/2019):

                                    Time                              Time
                            PACE Graduates         TRAD Graduates         Location

Pictures                      8:30am                       12:30pm                  Cooper Complex Hallway
Line Up                       9:30am                           1:30pm                  Cooper Complex, KB 110
Ceremony                  10:00am                       2:00pm                 Burgess Auditorium, Cooper Complex

Auditorium Doors will open one hour prior to each ceremony.

Doors will close immediately after processional. Only ticketed guests will be ushered in after this time. All non-ticketed guests are welcome to be seated in Foster Band Rehearsal Hall located to the east of Burgess Auditorium for live stream viewing of the ceremonies.


  • Candidates for graduation will assemble in Cooper Complex KB110 thirty minutes prior to ceremony. (PACE will assemble at 9:30 am, Traditional at 1:30 pm) Important instructions will be given at this time.
  • Index cards with the graduates’ names and honors will be distributed during lineup. Graduates will line up alphabetically within their degree in preparation to enter the ceremony. Dr. McAllister will practice saying your names to make sure his pronunciation is correct.
  • Honor cords and Summa medals will be distributed. Alpha Chi members should wear their Alpha Chi pin. Military cords will also be distributed.
  • We are allowing our military graduates the option to wear their military dress uniform instead of the traditional cap and gown. (Cap and Gown are still provided as a part of the graduation package paid for by your graduation fee.)
  • Appropriate dress preferred for men is white shirts, and dark ties, pants, socks, and shoes. Women should also dress in dark colors. Any bright colors and/or prints should be covered by the gown. No white shoes.
  • It is preferred that graduates do not decorate their cap.
  • DO NOT bring personal items, including purses, to KB110 as the room will not be secured during ceremony.
  • Remind guests there will be a time for applause and celebration at the end of the ceremony.


  • Candidates will line up behind the faculty and march to the ceremony.
  • Leave about 8 feet between you and the candidate in front of you as you march to your seat.


  • Follow the commands that are given. If confused watch Chief Marshall, Mr. Riddle.
  • Men remove your cap during Invocation and Benediction


  • President Kimbrow will lead the administration, faculty and graduates from the ceremony to the reception area.

Graduation Application


The following requirements apply to all degrees granted by Central Baptist College unless noted otherwise:

  1. File a formal application for graduation in the Registrar’s Office.  December Graduates by August and May Graduates by February. (see Graduation Application for specific deadlines each year)
  2. A minimum cumulative degree grade point average of 2.00.
  3. Completion of 15 hours in residency for an Associates degree and 30 hours in residency for a Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Bachelor candidates must earn a minimum of 36 hours upper division credit hours. (39 hours for students on catalogs prior to the 2013-15 catalog)
  5. Completion of all institutional assessment measures. Candidates will be notified by email in April concerning tests and dates.
  6. All financial obligations to Central Baptist College must be met.
  7. All library books and athletic equipment returned.

PACE Graduation


Traditional LIVE Stream