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Spiritual Life

Spiritual life is a key component of the CBC experience.

Student Services seeks to provide opportunities for students to develop spiritual maturity and thus maintain a healthy campus community.

While the academic courses provide the knowledge of Biblical and theological material, a focus on the area of having an active Spiritual Life provides opportunities to put those teachings into practice.

On-Campus Spiritual Enrichment Opportunities

+ Chapel 

+ Discipleship Groups

Off-campus Spiritual Enrichment Opportunities

  • Church attendance

  • Christian seminars and workshops

  • Christian concerts

  • Evangelism training events

  • Community service projects

  • Mission trips

CBC recognizes Sunday as a special day for worship, rest from the usual activities of the week, and renewal of body and spirit. Your committed involvement in a local church is vital and will greatly enhance your individual spiritual growth. Therefore, our students are expected to attend consistently the weekly corporate worship services of their church.


Chapel services are provided to promote the Christian ideals of Central Baptist College and personal spiritual growth through testimony, preaching, and music. Each chapel service is designed to glorify God, foster the Christian community, and provide biblical direction for daily living.

Chapel is mandatory for all full-time (12 or more hours), on-campus and commuting traditional students. The services are held each Wednesday from 1:00-1:50 p.m. in the Burgess Auditorium.

Due to COVID-19 all chapel services are recorded and placed in the student learning management system, Canvas. Chapel credit is earned by viewing the video only through the Canvas student account.

For questions about Chapel, contact Donny Parrish, Director of Spiritual Life; or Chris Mitchell, Dean of Students.

Chapel Guidelines

Students are required to attend 11 chapel services per semester. Should a personal or family tragedy occur which requires prolonged absence from classes and chapel, the Dean of Men should be contacted. In cases of severe personal illness, surgery, or therapies, a doctor’s note outlining the dates of treatment will be required to be excused from excess chapel absences. Absences due to College-related functions are excused.

Students who have only attended 10 chapel services will be fined $50 and those attending 9 chapel services will be fined $100. Those students who attend 8 chapel services or less will be placed in the Chapel Renewal program the following semester and will lose all institutional aid (i.e. academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, minister’s discount, music scholarships, and transfer scholarships). All institutional aid will be awarded back to the student once Chapel Renewal has been completed. Students can only use the Chapel Renewal program to satisfy Chapel requirements once before being suspended from CBC.

The Chapel Renewal program requires students complete the 11 required chapels in the current semester, and submit three book reviews. The Director of Student Services will send a letter with the rubric and deadlines for each book review prior to the first day of classes.

Students must complete a chapel requirement for each semester they are enrolled at CBC in order to graduate, but no more than 8 are required.

Students will be assigned a seat for chapel. Attendance will be recorded by scanning your ID card. Chapel attendance records are kept in Student Services. Students may check their attendance record at any time.

Chapel Etiquette

The following will result in a student being counted absent:

  • Excessive talking

  • Hats, visors, hoods, or any other head covering being worn by any student

  • The use of any other electronic device

  • A cell phone being ON (ringing, vibrating, lighting up, text messaging)

  • Sleeping or the appearance of sleeping


Chapel Exemptions

Exemptions will be granted ONLY IF:

  • the student works 40 hours per week in addition to taking classes

  • the student only has classes on Tuesday and Thursday

  • the Dean of Students feels a student’s rare circumstances limit his/her ability to attend chapel

  • the student has completed 8 semesters at CBC

Students who meet any of these requirements, must fill out a Chapel Exemption Request form (located in the Student Services Office) and submit it to the Dean of Students on or before the last day of the drop/add period. These requests must be submitted each semester.

Students receiving an exemption from Chapel (excluding those students who have completed 8 semesters at CBC) must complete 11 sermon summaries or pay a $250 fine before the last chapel service to prevent a hold from being place on their account.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are student-led small groups intended to help students grow in their knowledge of the Bible, love for the Lord, and love for others.


If you are interested in joining a Discipleship Group, fill out the form below. A student leader will contact you within 3 business days.

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