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Brad’s CBC Story

My name is Brad Cannon and I am from a small community called Landmark which is located just south of Little Rock, Arkansas. This is my CBC story.

Registrar’s Office

I currently live in Conway, I’m a disabled Veteran and pursuing a Leadership degree. Currently I work in the Registrar’s office at CBC as the VA student worker and I started attending CBC in the 2019 spring semester.

It’s Like a Family Here

As I was completing phase one of Renewal Ranch, (a faith-based discipleship program for men struggling with addiction) Brooks Walthall (former Director of PACE Enrollment) informed me of all the great benefits that the PACE program at CBC had to offer. I especially recognized how military friendly CBC was and I love how small the school is! It’s like a family here. The Associate Director of PACE Enrollment and Veteran certifying official, Pam Sims, was instrumental in making me feel welcome as a Veteran student. Pam signed me up with the best teachers and classes that I needed for the degree option that she helped me choose.

PACE Instructors Care

My favorite part about CBC has been the PACE program. All the PACE instructors care and want to see the students succeed. To me it seems like that the PACE instructors are the “special forces” of instructors! CBC has given me the confidence that I can make good grades therefore being able to become a great leader at a large corporation one day.

I Feel Completely Accepted Here

For me personally, CBC is my livelihood. Because I’m a student and an employee at CBC, I spend a lot of time here. I have started to get to know the employees and other student workers here at CBC and I feel completely accepted. The way that I feel accepted here is the prime example of how God shows his love through other believers. For me, being able to feel accepted and loved is super important as someone who wasn’t dealt the “best hand” as a child. God has perfectly placed me at CBC so that I can feel safe and loved while he continues to restore me from my brokenness, while obtaining a degree.

I Love Central Baptist College!

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