Central Baptist College is committed to the principle that no student should be denied a Christian education because of financial limitations. Therefore, the institution makes every reasonable effort to assist students in obtaining any scholarships for which they qualify.

Scholarships and grants are types of funding you receive for your education that you don’t have to repay.  The difference between the two is that scholarships are usually based on academic merit or performance, while grants are usually based on financial need.

To find out more about the financial aid options available to you please visit the federal student aid website.  Filling out the FAFSA allows you to be considered for the Federal Pell grant, Stafford Loans, work study positions and additional scholarships.  Completion of the FAFSA is strongly encouraged.

CBC Scholarships

Contact your admissions counselor for more details & questions.

CBC offers a full range of institutional scholarships to help fit the needs of a wide variety of students. Listed below are the different types of institutional scholarships we offer and their qualifications.

Students must complete the following steps in order to receive an initial financial aid offer. Contact your Personal Admissions Officer for assistance or questions.

  1. Complete the CBC Application for Admission.

  2. Submit your ACT or SAT scores.

  3. Submit your high school or college transcript(s).

  4. Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).


Merit Aid

Scholarships awarded based on academic merit. (Not available for the PACE/Online programs.)

  • CBC Governor’s Distinguished – Available to recipients of the Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship.

  • First time entering Freshmen & Transfers – Amounts range from $1000 – $8500 annually


Performance Aid

Scholarships awarded based on performance or achievements in a certain discipline. (Not available for the PACE/Online programs.)

  • Athletic – Awarded by the team coaches based on athletic ability. Requires a try out.

  • Fine Arts (Band, Choir, other music) – Awarded by the band or choir directors based on musical ability. Requires a try out.

  • Leadership Scholar – Full tuition – Awarded to outstanding incoming freshmen for their exemplary academic, leadership, and personal characteristics and accomplishments. See details and applications instructions here.

CBC College Grants

Only the grants marked with ** are available to students in the PACE/Online Programs.

  • BMAA Grant ** – $500 per year – Available to students who attend a church affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association of America.

  • CBC Cares Grant – Awarded by the Scholarship Committee to students with exceptional circumstances or emergency situations.

  • Legacy Grant** – $500 per year – Available to students who have at least one parent or grandparent who is a CBC graduate and is a current member of the CBC Alumni Association.

  • Ministers Tuition Grant (combined application) ** 20% to 50% tuition discount available to students who meet one of the following criteria:

    • A student who is licensed or ordained to the preaching ministry by a qualified church AND actively attending or serving in a qualified church AND substantiated annually by a letter from the qualified church.

    • A student who is a missionary currently serving on the national or international mission field AND approved by a qualified missions organization AND substantiated annually by a letter from the qualified missions organization.

    • A student who is the wife or legal dependent son or daughter of an ordained preacher in a qualified church AND substantiated annually by a letter from the qualified church.

    • A student who is the wife or legal dependent son or daughter of a missionary who is approved by a qualified missions organization and currently serving on the national or international mission field AND substantiated annually by a letter from the qualified missions organization.

  • Miss GMA Grant – $8000 per year -Awarded to students who have earned the title of National Miss GMA.

  • Mr. Galilean Grant – $8000 per year – Awarded to students who have earned the title of National Mr. Galilean.

  • Multiples Grant -Available to students whose twin, triplet, etc. are also attending CBC.  Award is a percentage (25% – 50%) of tuition based on how many siblings are currently enrolled.

  • Religious Education Grant – 50% tuition discount -The Bible department may award this grant to a junior or senior student majoring in Religious Education, Missions, or Youth Ministry.

  • Sibling Grant – $1000 per year – Available to siblings attending CBC concurrently. (non-multiples)

  • SOAR Grant – Awarded annually to a student attending the BMAA SOAR Conference.

  • Veterans Grant **- Discount of a percentage of tuition after all Veteran benefits and federal grants have been applied.

  • Student Referral Grant ** – Receive a $500 grant toward your tuition when a student you referred to CBC has enrolled.  Refer someone now!


WISH Scholarship

Women In Search of Hope privately funded scholarship.

WISH Scholarship

Endowed & Cash Scholarships  

Many generous donors provide these Endowed & Cash Scholarship opportunities for CBC students.

Each scholarship has unique eligibility requirements.

The CBC Scholarship Committee will make scholarship awards by the end of April.

Award amounts can vary from year to year based on available funds.  

Required steps for Endowed & Cash Scholarship Application process:

1. Complete the Endowed & Cash Scholarship Application.

2. Complete your FAFSA online at for the upcoming school year.

3. Church and/or Academic reference - List reference(s) on the application and we will email them a link to a digital form to complete.

Application deadline:  March 15th.

  • Attebery – Dossie and Leona Attebery Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Britton – Lawrence Britton Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Brown – Kenneth Brown Endowed Scholarship

  • Carson – David Carson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Central – Central Baptist College Golf Classic Endowed Scholarship

  • Chance – Ms. Helen Chance Christian Missions Cash Scholarship

  • Chandler - Maggie Chandler Endowed Scholarship

  • Childers – Beatrice and M. E. Childers Endowed Scholarship

  • Choate – Charles Choate Endowed Scholarship

  • Compton – David “Benny” Compton Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Conway – Conway Corporation Conway Promise Endowed Scholarship

  • Conway WISH - Conway Corporation WISH Circle Endowed Scholarship (for PACE students)

  • Cooper – Robert and Rosa Cooper Memorial Scholarship

  • Courtney – James D. and Loreta Hodges Courtney Endowed Scholarship

  • Crass – Norman D. Crass Endowed Scholarship

  • Crawford – Rufus & Mildred Crawford Endowed Scholarship

  • Daugherty – Wilbur A. Daugherty Scholarship

  • Delk – Delk Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Duckett – Jesse M. Jennie S. Duckett Endowed Scholarship

  • East – Arlis & Dorthy East Educational Scholarship

  • Evans E – Elizabeth J. Evans Endowed Scholarship

  • Evans M – Merle Evans Endowed Scholarship

  • Foster – Winston P. and Mary Ned Foster Endowed Scholarship

  • Frith – Gwen Frith Scholarship

  • Grand Ave – Grand Avenue Baptist Church Endowed Scholarship

  • Greenbrier – Greenbrier Association Endowed Scholarship

  • Hall – Cecil & Carolyn Hall Endowed Scholarship

  • Hawks – John H. Hawks Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Hefner – Opie and Ruby Hefner Endowed Scholarship

  • Herring – Jim and Mary Lee Herring Endowed Scholarship

  • Hoggard B – Bill Hoggard Endowed Scholarship

  • Hoggard D – Denise Reid Hoggard Endowed Scholarship

  • Hoggard Jackson – Diane Hoggard Jackson Endowed Scholarship

  • Hoggard G – Glen Hoggard Endowed Scholarship

  • Hoggard R – Rena Hoggard Endowed Scholarship

  • Hornaday – John Hornaday-Curt Nixon Galilean Memorial Scholarship

  • Immanuel – Immanuel Baptist Church Pastor’s Memorial Scholarship

  • International – International Student Cash Scholarship

  • Jobe – Lela Kendall Jobe Endowed Scholarship

  • Johnson – Terry Johnson Endowed Scholarship for Ministerial Students

  • Keele – Earl Keele Memorial Scholarship Trust

  • Linn – Kathy Hutto Linn Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education

  • Livingston – A. D. & Mary K. Livingston Evangelism Endowed Scholarship

  • Magnolia – First Baptist Church of Magnolia Cash Scholarship

  • Main – Rev. Main Missions Scholarship

  • Matthews – Matthews/Cofer Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • McDonald – McDonald Missionary Baptist Church Scholarship

  • Merritt – Will and Stella Merritt Endowed Scholarship

  • Mitchell J – Jurl and Mary Ann Mitchell Endowed Scholarship

  • Mitchell R – Dr. Ronald V. and Micki Mitchell Endowed Scholarship

  • Morgan – Ronald Morgan Endowed Scholarship

  • Mt. Calvary – Mt. Calvary Association Cash Scholarship

  • Mt. Nebo – Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, David Porter, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

  • Mt. Vernon – Mt. Vernon Association Cash Scholarship

  • Music – Music Department 50/50 Scholarship

  • Nipper – W. Artie and Delma P. Nipper Endowed Scholarship

  • O’Steen – Rev. Elbert O’Steen Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Parkview – Parkview Missionary Baptist Endowed Scholarship

  • Parrish – Brittany Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Proctor – Bonnie I. Proctor Endowed Scholarship

  • Purtle – Hollis A. Purtle Ministerial Scholarship

  • Raines – Rev. James Ray Raines Endowed Pastoral Scholarship

  • Ratliff F – F. R. Ratliff Endowed Scholarship

  • Ratliff V – Virginia Ratliff Endowed Scholarship

  • Schalchlin – Raymond Schalchlin Endowed Scholarship

  • Shands Ramey - Gina Shands Ramey Music Endowed Scholarship

  • Smith C – Cora Myrtle Smith, Connetta Smith Roach, and Rev. Robert M. Roach Endowed Scholarship

  • Smith O – Ola Smith Endowed Scholarship

  • Smittle – Lloyd and Tom Smittle Endowed Scholarship

  • Smothers – COL Robert Smothers Cash Scholarship

  • Speer – W. R. Speer Endowed Scholarship

  • Spriggs – Diane Baier Spriggs Journalism Endowed Scholarship

  • Springhill – Springhill Baptist Church / Wassell L. and Jean Burgess Endowed Scholarship

  • Story – G. F. Lozelle Story Endowed Scholarship

  • Strong – Charles and Kathy Strong Endowed Scholarship

  • Stuckey – A. D. Stuckey Memorial Scholarship

  • Thomas – Jesse Thomas Endowed Scholarship for Biblical Studies

  • United – United Association Cash Scholarship

  • Ward – Ward Family Singers Scholarship

  • Warren – Iris Warren and Gwen Allen Scholarship

  • Westbrook – Connie and Lloyd Westbrook Endowed Scholarship

  • Williams – Rev. Carl Williams Ministerial Scholarship

  • Winters – Loyd Winters Scholarship Fund


For more detailed information about any of these scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid

For more information about setting up an endowed or cash scholarship, contact